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Photo of Henrik de Gyor

Henrik de Gyor works in the field of Digital Asset Management (DAM) for a variety of organizations as a vendor neutral Consultant. He managed the daily operations of a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution within organizations for a number of years.

DAM can organize all audio, graphics, photographs, text and video so we can search, find, use, reuse and repurpose these assets for the needs of the organization. The use of the DAM can expand across multiple departments since everyone needs to manage digital assets efficiently and consistently. Previously, Henrik worked inside organizations within the fields of Advertising, Education, Finance, Information Technology, Journalism, Marketing, Media, and Retail.

This can involve:

  • advising on the client’s needs
  • narrowing vendor solutions down to the right fit for the client (There is no preset list of vendors to choose from like some competitors do.)
  • ensuring progress during DAM implementation or integration with other solutions
  • asset and metadata migrations
  • fixing metadata management issues
  • assisting in rights management solutions
  • improving process efficiency with DAM and applying metadata
  • training and documentation for users
  • improving user adoption
  • hiring experienced DAM staffing and/or contractors

Henrik writes a vendor neutral blog about DAM in the user and administrator perspective called Another DAM blog

Another DAM podcast has 130+ interviews with Digital Asset Management professionals. has interviews comparing human-generated keywording services and computer-generated image/video recognition technologies.

Contact Henrik if you have any questions.

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