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Introduction to Digital Asset Management workshop by Chad Beer at Metro

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On June 17, 2014, Chad Beer presented an Introduction to Digital Asset Management (DAM) workshop at Metro.

I had the distinct pleasure of sitting in this sold out workshop (mostly as an observer) and audio record this workshop organized by Metro. Chad Beer generously agreed to share his presentation and workshop exercise publicly for everyone to learn from them.

Part 1: Presentation

Download Audio of Chad Beer presentation’s on the Introduction to Digital Asset Management (1 hour 36 minutes-132MB)

Download presentation through SlideShare

Part 2: Instructions

Download Audio of Chad Beer explaining the instructions on the interactive workshop exercise involving different role playing scenarios. (8 minutes 46 seconds-12 MB)

Download scenarios through SlideShare

Part 3: Review of interactive workshop exercise and results

Download Audio of Chad Beer and workshop participants work through the role playing scenarios and come up with solutions during this exercise. (42 minutes 37 seconds-59MB)

Feel free to use this material to try this role-playing exercise yourself. Chad looks forward to presenting this workshop again in the future.

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One thought on “Introduction to Digital Asset Management workshop by Chad Beer at Metro

  1. There were a lot of interesting issues brought up by librarians who were dealing with DAM systems at this workshop. Chad’s workshop helped me identify my strengths as someone who has some DAM work under his belt. I went home with a lot to think about and act upon.