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Another DAM Podcast interview with Ivan Mironchuk on Digital Asset Management

Here are the questions asked:

  • How are you involved with Digital Asset Management?
  • You write a blog about DAM. How did you get involved with Digital Asset Management?
  • What advice would you like to give to DAM professionals and people aspiring to become DAM Professionals?


Henrik de Gyor: [0:01] This is Another DAM Podcast about Digital Asset
Management. I’m Henrik de Gyor. Today I’m speaking with Ivan Mironchuk. Ivan,
how are you?
Ivan Mironchuk: [0:10] Good, how are you?
Henrik: [0:11] Good. Ivan, how are you involved with Digital Asset
Ivan: [0:14] I work for an integration company called DPCI. We are a firm that
specializes in implementing solutions around Digital Asset Management, web
content management, and editorial work flow solutions. We are one of those
shops that helps customers take advantage of all the different platforms that
they have within their organization.
Henrik: [0:40] How is this involved with Digital Asset Management?
Ivan: [0:45] One of our core competencies at DPCI is we’ve become a vendor
neutral integrator and interactive services solution around DAM. One thing that
we often find is that customers are looking for advice on what would be the
best solution for their organization that meets their requirements, their price
point, and also what’s going to service them down the line in the long run. [1:19]
One of the things that we like to write about at DPCI is just different things
that we find customers asking all the time in terms of DAM. What is a DAM?
What does metadata mean? What is taxonomy? How do I set up my rights and
permissions? How do I get the most from my assets to leverage across multiple
[1:44] Whenever we find that we’re getting a number of these questions from
multiple organizations, we think that it’s probably a topic that the wider community
would be interested in reading about. That’s where the blog topics
come from.
Henrik: [2:03] What advice would you like to give to DAM professionals or
people aspiring to become DAM professionals?
Ivan: [2:09] It starts out with understanding how to organize your own assets. If
you have a really messy desktop on your own computer and you don’t have any
filing system for your own files, then that’s probably a good indicator that you
might be cut out for being a DAM professional. I meet people that say that they
get started with just obsessively setting up folder hierarchies and organization
of assets on a traditional file system. Then I meet people that go further into it
and say, “I really love using Adobe Bridge, and I tag all of my assets with XMP
data. It really helps me find things on our local file system.” [3:00] Those are the
people that you try and shepherd and say, “There’s software out there, both
open source and proprietary solutions that can help with that on a much larger
scale than your simple file system based hierarchy.”
[3:21] I would say that to anyone that’s looking to become a DAM professional.
You’ve got to read some of the blogs that are out there. This one’s a good one,
Another DAM Blog . There are other blogs by the CMSWatch group or Real
Story and folks like ourselves. There are a number of different conferences that
are actually very helpful in learning about the DAM space, conferences like
Henry Stewart, the new Createasphere DAM focus.
[3:57] There’s starting to become a little bit more of an emergence of a digital
community around DAM. Where a few years ago there weren’t too many people
interested in DAM, or it seems like everyone was in the dark around other
people using DAM. Everyone felt like they were alone on an island where they
just had to deal with organizing and managing all these assets.
[4:24] Now we have groups on LinkedIn, and we have Meetup groups. We have
different blogs that we can communicate and interact with each other in. If you
just do a search on Twitter for Digital Asset Management, you’re going to see
hundreds of professionals, both vendors and users and integrators, all having a
conversation around what’s the best way to utilize the technology into solving
real problems within organizations and companies.
Henrik: [4:59] Thank you, Ivan.
Ivan: [5:00] Great.
Henrik: [5:01] For more on Digital Asset Management, log onto Thanks again.

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