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Is there another weekly podcast about Digital Asset Management?

Another DAM podcast is a weekly series of audio recordings which complement Another DAM blog.  In September 2010, these podcasts began to appear with weekly interviews of different DAM professionals from around the world.  Everyone interviewed have different stories to tell, information to share and is passionate about what they do. Some people interviewed are well-known in the practice of Digital Asset Management or related fields.

Every person interviewed is asked at least three similar questions:

  1. How are they involved with Digital Asset Management
  2. A question related to what they do
  3. What advice would they give DAM professionals or people aspiring to become DAM professionals

You can listen and even subscribe to this podcast series on:

This weekly podcast series is hosted by Henrik de Gyor, the author of Another DAM blog.

Another DAM Podcast weekly interviews will continue into 2011. Who would you like to hear interviewed?

Is there another weekly podcast about Digital Asset Management?

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Author: Henrik de Gyor

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