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Another DAM Podcast interview with Theresa Regli on Digital Asset Management

Theresa Regli discusses Digital Asset Management

Here are the questions asked:

  • How are you involved with Digital Asset Management?
  • Do you believe the field of Digital Asset Management will continue to grow? Why or why not?
  • What advice would you like to share with DAM Professionals or people aspiring to be DAM Professionals?


Henrik de Gyor: [0:01] This is Another DAM Podcast about Digital Asset
Management. I’m Henrik de Gyor. Today, we’re speaking with Theresa Regli.
[0:08] Theresa, how are you?
Theresa Regli: [0:09] I’m great. How are you?
Henrik: [0:10] Good. Thanks.
Theresa: [0:12] Good.
Henrik: [0:12] Theresa, how are you involved with Digital Asset Management?
Theresa: [0:17] I’m involved in a couple of different ways. My principal involvement,
really, is as an analyst. I work for an analyst and research firm that’s called
The Real Story Group. [0:30] And we publish, basically, product and vendor
evaluation reports and essentially evaluate different technologies on the market.
It’s kind of like a “Consumer Reports” sort of thing. I am the Digital Asset
Management lead analyst for the company.
[0:48] I also do some consulting, and I help people learn about Digital Asset
Management and pick Digital Asset Management products based on what’s
most appropriate for them.
[1:00] That’s my main two-pronged association with the DAM world.
Henrik: [1:06] Excellent. Do you believe that the field of Digital Asset
Management will continue to grow? Why or why not?
Theresa: [1:13] That’s an interesting question. I think the field of Digital Asset
Management and the discipline of Digital Asset Management is something that
is growing and will continue to grow, because the number of assets we have
is really continuing to grow, the number of images, video, audio, etc. All those
things are constantly getting bigger and bigger, and there’s more and more
of them, and we need people and technology to manage them. So I definitely
think that is going to increase and the people involved will continue to increase.
[1:46] Interestingly, the technology, or the vendors that are selling the technology,
aren’t really growing, I think, at the same pace as the number of assets and
the amount of work that needs to get done. I think there’s sort of a gap that
is existing between the number of things to be managed and the speed with
which vendors are able to address it. I think that’s a little bit slower than the
actual field is growing.
[2:15] Yes, I think it’s going to continue to grow. I just think there’s different parts
of it that are growing at different paces, really.
Henrik: [2:20] What advice would you like to share with DAM professionals or
people aspiring to be a DAM professional?
Theresa: [2:27] Well, I think, of course, the number one thing that I would share,
just because it’s my particular bailiwick and it’s my particular area of expertise, is
just to make an effort to understand Digital Asset Management technology and
how it really works. [2:45] It’s not that that’s the panacea to all the problems to,
or all the challenges that are involved with, solving Digital Asset Management.
But I think there’s a lot of very general approaches to Digital Asset Management
that don’t consider the technology enough, and the details of the technology,
and how that could potentially change things or make them more efficient. Also,
how they, in some cases, might make things more difficult, and require different
sorts of human tasks that are different from the ones they have now.
[3:23] I just think in general, just learning about the technology, how it really
works, what the different components are, how it’s successful in certain organizations
and maybe why it fails in other organizations, I think, is really important
for DAM professionals, whether you’re already one or whether you’re aspiring
to be one.
[3:41] Also, just to make sure that you’re out there and you’re also meeting and
talking with other people who work in the industry. I think that’s important,
regardless of what industry that you’re in, but in particular, with Digital Asset
Management, we have various events, and there’s lots of places online where
we can learn about it, too.
[3:57] Those are really my two main pieces of advice.
Henrik: [4:01] Excellent. Well, thank you, Theresa.
Theresa: [4:03] Yeah.
Henrik: [4:03] For more on this, log onto Thanks again.

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