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Another DAM Podcast interview with Madeline Velez on Digital Asset Management

Listen to Madeline Velez talk about Digital Asset Management


Henrik:  This is Another DAM Podcast about Digital Asset Management. I’m Henrik de Gyor. Today I’m speaking with Madeline Velez. Madeline, how are you?

Madeline:  I am good thank you. How are you?

Henrik:  Great. Madeline, how are you involved with Digital Asset Management?

Madeline:  My career in Digital Asset Management started over 15 years ago with the Yankee Candle Company organizing their digital merchandise assets. I then worked for Bristol-Myers Squibb with digital pharmaceutical assets and now I’m the digital assets specialist for the marketing and communications department at Shriners Hospitals for Children Headquarters in Tampa. In my new position, I played a key role in the implementation of a brand new Digital Asset Management system and I made recommendations on how the system would best fit our needs and that was HIPAA Compliant and that offered the right tools for our organization.

Henrik:  Madeline, how does a hospital focusing on innovative pediatric specialty care, world-class research and outstanding medical education use Digital Asset Management?

Madeline:  Here at Shriner’s Hospital Headquarters, we use the Digital Asset Management system to organize all of our marketing materials. That includes our historic photos and videos, our photography for print and social media, our patient videos, commercials, and our consent forms. It’s also used to share files with our designers, our internal departments and externally with our 22 locations, the Shriners temples and our vendors.

Henrik:  What are the biggest challenges and successes you’ve seen with Digital Asset Management?

Madeline:  One of the challenges in the medical field was finding a system that was HIPAA Compliant and that would safely store and protect our patient data. Another challenge is the change in processes and workflows within a department. When implementing a system, you have to help your users understand the value that the digital asset management system brings to the organization and the cost savings in the reuse of your assets. Over time, users will establish their own workflows and change can be troublesome for some. So it’s very important to offer continuous training either in groups or 1 on 1 so that they can adapt to the new workflow and become comfortable with using the new system.

Madeline:  For our successes, I would say when a user adapts to the new system and you receive positive feedback from your users on how easy it was to locate and share files and how the system helped them reduce time in locating them, and the delivery process. Successes are also streamlining the processes and brand consistency. So we no longer receive requests that are manual and the work requests become automated. That’s definitely a success. It really changes the way teams work in a very positive way.

Henrik:  And what advice would you like to share with DAM professionals and people aspiring to become DAM professionals?

Madeline:  My advice would be to keep up with the industry changes and how they benefit the organization that you work for. So continue to learn, take classes, join discussion groups and search the Internet. There’s a lot of very helpful information out there and ask a lot of questions. Even though I’d been working in this field for quite some time, I’m always learning from other DAM professionals. I can then take those learnings and apply them in my organization. So always take time to speak with your colleagues about their work and how the DAM system can help them.

Henrik:  Well, thanks, Madeline.

Madeline:  Thanks for having me on.

Henrik:  For more on this, visit If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to email me at Thanks again.

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Another DAM Podcast interview with Frank Chagoya on Digital Asset Management

Frank Chagoya discusses Digital Asset Management

Here are the questions asked:

  • How are you involved with Digital Asset Management?
  • Why does a multi-national advertising and marketing firm use Digital Asset Management?
  • How does a Digital Asset Management system help you maintain brand consistency?
  • How do you order something in the DAM to maintain that consistency?
  • What advice would you like to share with DAM Professionals and people aspiring to become DAM Professionals?


Henrik de Gyor: [0:02] This is Another DAM Podcast about Digital Asset
Management. I’m Henrik de Gyor. Today I’m speaking with Frank Chagoya.
Frank, how are you?
Frank Chagoya: [0:11] Good, Henrik. How are you today?
Henrik: [0:12] Great. Frank, how are you involved with Digital Asset
Frank: [0:17] For Leo Burnett, I’ve been involved in the original RFPs, evaluation
and selection of the DAM provider for our first implementation. We currently
have several launches of DAMs for a number of our clients. As a global hub
with multinational offices, we needed a vendor that would be able to provide
services and sufficiently support these offices and our client’s needs. I’m also
involved in the ongoing DAM maintenance, development, training, and the
training of our end users, as well.
Henrik: [0:54] Why does a multinational advertising and marketing firm use
Digital Asset Management?
Frank: [0:59] That’s a really good question. Many of our clients are also multinational
and require brand consistency for all their products and campaigns. [1:07]
For example, let’s say we have a client that has a need. A simultaneous launch
of a new product in a major multinational set of markets. This is to coincide with
the release of a major motion picture, so timing is critical.
[1:23] Leo Burnett, as a hub and a brand steward for the creative advertising, will
maintain approved ads and artwork. We provide distribution, as well. Assets can
ordered for distribution or repurposing. This provides a global consistency
and efficiency for the brand management to the client.
[1:43] We also provide the reduced time to market. We provide our clients with
leading edge technology to improve performance for unimpeded access and
fulfillment of their assets globally.
Henrik: [1:57] Frank, how does a Digital Asset Management System help you
maintain brand consistency?
Frank: [2:02] For Leo Burnett as a brand steward for our clients, we provide
the assets that they require for their multinational campaigns. We may provide,
or actually be, the hub for the creative here in Chicago. Then this campaign
launches out into, say other, even third world countries. [2:22] Let’s say the president
of this company comes in and says, “We’re going to do this campaign.”
Here it is in Chicago, they see it printed on a billboard. They want to make sure
that when they step out into, let’s say China, off a plane. They see a billboard of
the exact same ad, that it looks exactly the same.
[2:41] We provide the assets that are distributed, not only for local campaigns,
but multinational campaigns. So that once you have these assets stored in one
place, your client has an adequate resource for redistribution of that particular
[3:01] Even if there’s an image in an ad that’s produced here in the States and
then they want to do another image in another country. It’s not necessary. They
have the ads that were used as originally approved sets of campaign ads. Those
can be redistributed globally.
Henrik: [3:19] Great. Frank, how do you order something in your Digital Asset
Management System to maintain that consistency?
Frank: [3:26] Our system has 24 hour access via the Internet. Obviously, it’s a
secured access that we use to provide to not only our own facilitates, but to
the client as well. Let’s say, the client decides they want to do an ad in China
that they produced here in the States. They can actually look for that ad on the
site. Once they locate it, they can select it, order to their cart, and then they’ll
receive an email with a hot link that says, “This is what you want. You can download
it via secured link.” [4:01] Then even if he doesn’t want to deliver it himself,
he can pass that link onto someone else who has secured access to this site, and
then get these files so that they can repurpose them. Obviously, when they repurpose
it, they’re going to be doing the language change. So we can provide
them not only with the final asset that was actually produced in the States, we
can actually give them a file that’s workable.
[4:25] So that they can manipulate it and make their changes to the local market.
Henrik: [4:29] Great. What advice would you like to share with DAM professionals
and people aspiring to become DAM professionals?
Frank: [4:34] I have lots of advice. [laughs]
Henrik: [4:36] Please.
Frank: [4:39] I think that attending the industry events is a critical given.
Because these venues provide access to knowledgeable people who have the
“been there, done that” experience. My biggest piece of advice is to get into
the mix and get some answers, be part of the network. That’s a very important
part. When you’re doing this, don’t hesitate to ask people questions. All people
that I have had interaction with have been more than happy to lend tips and
advice. [5:10] In fact, you might ask for a cup of sugar, let’s say, and end up with
the entire bag. One of the other things that I have as a major piece of advice
would be, make sure you don’t plan your DAM into a corner. Many people focus
on what they need for a DAM, but don’t quite look at the horizon. I think that
you should make sure that you get what you need for your DAM as you need it
now, but then also make sure that you have plans for its future.
[5:41] Always take a look at what other features might be available, or what you
might need as a business to add to the features of your own DAM. Make sure
that there’s an open door for that future.
Henrik: [5:53] Great advice. Thanks, Frank. For more on this and other
Digital Asset Management topics, log onto
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Tech Podcast Network. Thanks again.

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